Let Others Say

Stephen A.Singer



· Niaz Khamo has that wonderful ability to look at a technical problem, analyze and evaluate it and then determine the most cost effective way to remedy the situation. But what makes Niaz unique is not only his technical ability, his people skills are second to none. Because he is trustworthy, Niaz conveys the feeling that he is always looking out for your interest. If he takes on a job, you can be confident it will be completed to your satisfaction.

Gayle Kleck - Chicago MRI


The biggest praise needs to go to the IT guru you assigned to this location for the migration Niaz Khamo. From the moment he walked into the building he was easy to talk to and work with stopping to see if I had any questions or concerns. He gave me a lot of knowledge that will ultimately help me with client IT issues down the road, so for that I am very thankful. Please make sure that his boss knows what a top notch team member they have. I am not sure how he felt on his end but from my end the migration went great.

Allan Curtis


Thanks for your great service and quick attention to solving problems cost effectively.

U R DA BEST!!!!!

Al Curtis

Wrexwrothium Marketing